BE YOU Spiritual School
BE YOU Spiritual School
Lisa Muria

Council of Light Spiritual Online Course Academy & Community

A Metaphysically-Spiritually-Holistically Witchin' Online Community & Mystery School Academy !

Why Did I Create This Free Community?

We WELCOME ALL to Council of Light Online Spiritual Community!

This online community was made to create a safe, non-judgmental place online for all faiths, religions, and beliefs.
We hold a ZERO TOLERANCE for negativity! We want all of our members to feel free to express themselves WITHOUT judgment, criticism or harassment.
Anyone that chooses to IGNORE the ZERO TOLERANCE RULE, will be removed from our community without warning or notification.
We Thank All Of Our Members for their cooperation which keeps our community a positive place for everyone!

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Why Should You Join Our Online Spiritual Community?


~ Become An Advocate For Change While You Shine Your "Rays of Light" onto the world and create a better future for your children and grand children? 

~ Change Your Life For The Better and Work From Home Doing What You Love For a Career?

~ Learn How To Increase Your Psychic Abilities & Spiritual  Awareness?

~ Let Go of Past Trauma,  Release Your Fears & Raise Your Spiritual Awareness ? (RELIEVE PTSD)

~ Learn About All The Different Ways YOU CAN BE Metaphysically, Spiritually & Holistically Awesome?

Well You Found The Right Online Spiritual Community & Course Academy!!



To Share Wisdom, Knowledge & Understanding with anyone that is ready to increase their psychic abilities, raise their spiritual awareness and become an advocate for change. 
To bring together all Lightworkers! YES YOU! I want to create a Metaphysical and Spiritual Movement that can raise the vibrations on earth to create a better world for our future generations.
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